Size Guide 4in1 Magnetic Bracelets

Finding the perfect fit for your bracelet is crucial for both comfort and style.

Step by Step guide to measuring your wrist for a Magnetic Bracelet

Here's a simple guide to help you measure your wrist circumference and determine your ideal bracelet size:

  • Using a measuring tape, loosely measure the circumference of your wrist just below the wrist bone.
  • Review the measurements and select the closest bracelet size for a comfortable fit.

 Note: If you prefer a looser fit, you may want to opt for the larger size.

For gifts:

We recommend selecting our standard 'Gift Size' of approximately 21cm, which includes a re-sizing tool. Detailed instructions for re-sizing are available here

Important Note:

Please be aware that only the 'Gift Size' option and custom sizes come with a sizing tool. If you need a sizing tool or are uncertain of the size, we recommend adding the 'Optional Extra Sizing tool' to your order. Bracelets larger than 21cm are considered custom sizes and may incur an additional charge, they will include a sizing tool from the 31st of October 2023.

Certain bracelets are only offered in 2cm increments due to the approximate 2cm length of the links, and their sizes cannot be adjusted. If you require a size larger or smaller than those listed for other designs, please contact us directly.

Handcrafted Quality:

Each bracelet is hand-assembled, which might lead to minor variations in length. Sizes may slightly differ by a few millimetres. If in doubt, consider opting for a slightly larger size and adding a sizing tool to your order for a customised fit