Negative Ion Technology

Ions are atoms that have gained or lost a charge, like a battery. Negative ions are an oxygen atom that has been charged with an extra electron. Negative ions are necessary for human health. They are naturally found in places of Natural beauty, untouched by mankind. Usually they highest concentrations of Negative ions can be found on top of a mountain, on a beach or lakeshore, or near a beautiful waterfall. That feeling of euphoria that you experience while being in touch with Nature is your bodies way of telling you that you need to be in touch with more negative ions.

It is no secret that removing yourself fromNEGATIVE ION TECHNOLOGY IN MAGNETIC BRACELETSthe hustle and bustle of a city or office life does wonders for your health! This is not just because of the act of getting away from it all, its because you are immersing yourself in a Negative ion environment and allowing your body to heal.

Our homes and offices are so full of clutter, concrete, and technology that they are lacking Negative ions. In fact, most modern homes have a prevalence of positive ions. Positive ions can be harmful, can make us feel tired, sick and lower our immune systems. Most of us live in built up areas where natural negative ion generators(trees, rivers, grass) have been removed or hampered. This can lead to increased illness, headaches, fatigue, low mood, and high stress.

The good news is that the benefits of Negative ions can be harnessed. Our 4 in 1 Magnetic bracelets contain Negative Ion Technology so that you can take the benefits of Nature with you throughout your day. Negative ions are essential to living well and feeling an immediate difference in your overall wellbeing.

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Negative ions help your mental wellbeing, reduce stress

Negative Ions help your mental well being 

Negative ions produce biochemical reactions that increase the levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) in your body. This helps to alleviate depression, reduce stress, and boost your daytime energy levels by reducing fatigue.

Negative Ions improve sleep and reduce stress

Experts recommend that you should get eight hours of sleep a night, but with all the Negative ions improve sleep and reduce stressstress in your life that can be a real challenge sometimes. Studies have shown that negative ions support the body's ability to relax and sleep. This means that Negative ions have two important functions for your wellness, less stress and better sleep. And you know what they say about less stress…. more success!