Far Infrared Ray Technology

FIR is an alternative approach to healing that supports other forms of therapy. FIR is a band of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. It is on the opposite end of the spectrum of harmful ultraviolet rays. It is the same light that plants use to photosynthesise (the process used by plants to gain energy). Our bodies utilise the energy from FIR to assist in the body’s natural healing process. 


In fact, our own bodies are always emitting FIR. Even the sun emits FIR. In the past, people used to talk about the “laying on of hands” to heal ailments, or palm healing. Today this is known as Reiki, a form of therapy that uses the energy from our body to aid in the body’s natural healing process. With FIR technology, this energy can be harnessed and focussed through FIR emitting gemstones.

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FIR alleviates Minor Muscle and Joint pain

Far Infrared Technology is most commonly used to assist the body in FIR alleviates Minor Muscle and Joint paintemporarily relieving muscle and joint pain. In a non-invasive way FIR uses heat transference to increase circulation and oxygen levels in the body. This may be especially beneficial for people that suffer from muscle pain or Arthritis.

Research into FIR Technology by Tokyo Medical University in the 1980’s shows “that the majority of the users subjectively evaluated an improvement of their health.

FIR helps relieve back pain symptoms

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, you already know that some treatment options are risky and require long-term recovery periods. FIR FIR elements in 4in1 Magnetic Bracelets can help to reduce Back paintechnology is a safe, non-invasive option, shown in studies to provide temporary minor pain relief from lower back pain. FIR technology offers a drug free, surgery -free option to manage some of the symptoms associated with chronic muscular back pain.

FIR may help to reduce Inflammation and increase oxygen levels

FIR Technology has been shown to increase blood flow by 32.2%* thereby increasing the body's ability to heal and reduce pain. As the blood flow increases it brings more highly concentrated oxygen and nutrients to the areas of the body that have pain and inflammation. This increase in blood flow helps to reduce the inflammation around the damaged body part. Joint inflammation caused by arthritis or sporting injuries are most helped. (1)

FIR May Help Detoxify Your Body

Far Infrared Ray Technology is successful when it comes to natural detoxification. Increased blood circulation caused by FIR stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built-up toxins and waste. As a result of improved wellness, people often see a reduction in fatigue and an improvement in their focus and energy levels. FIR is a safe and effective way to detoxify.

FIR may help alleviate symptoms of Chronic Fatigue syndrome or post viral chronic fatigue


FIR bracelets to help alleviate symptoms of Chronic Fatigue syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Post Viral Fatigue have become more common since the emergence of COVID-19. FIR technology can help provide comfort and improve quality of life for those living with chronic fatigue syndrome. If you are struggling with CFS and its multiple symptoms, FIR therapy may be beneficial for you. Research indicates that consistent daily thermal therapy (FIR) has promising benefits for CFS patients. FIR technology can support your efforts to improve your energy levels, maximize your comfort, and minimize minor aches and pains associated with CFS. (2)

NASA now use FIR Technology to improve an array of health and wellness benefits that address stress and fatigue. These benefits include increasing local blood flow, improving athletic performance and promoting more restful sleep