About us

Our Aspiration at Magnetic Mobility

Hello there!

At Magnetic Mobility, our hearts are full of an aspiration: to make sure you live a life as vibrant and full as an Irish summer's day - minus the pain. We understand that pain is a personal journey, and we're here to support you on your unique path to better pain management.

As we continue to grow, we're eager to present our new line of products, designed specifically to make your everyday life more comfortable. They'll help you step away from pain and step closer to the dance floor!

Our Story: A Shared Journey

Hello, friends!

Ciara and Judith Jacob of Magnetic MobilityWe're Ciara and Judith Jacob, the duo behind Magnetic Mobility. Our adventure began in 2020, with an idea sparked by our own personal experiences with pain. With over 40 years between us in the medical field, we've seen the challenges and hardships of chronic pain.

Our journey took a positive turn when, amidst the trials of 2020, we discovered the incredible benefits of magnetic bracelets. After just two weeks of use, they significantly eased the relentless migraine symptoms and knee pains that were starting to hamper our hikes.

Finding a magnetic bracelet that was both stylish and functional proved a challenge. So, we thought, "Why not create our own?" After lots of research and trials, we found the perfect mix: fashionable, effective, and expertly crafted bracelets.

Moving Forward Together…

From our humble beginnings, we've continued to strive to bring you products that not only relieve pain but also complement your style. Our goal is to help you live a life full of joy, not hampered by pain.

Magnetic Mobility isn't just a brand – we're a family of resilient women who won't let pain stand in our way. Looking to the future, we're excited to keep developing life-enhancing products for you.

Thank you for being part of our journey and for letting us be part of yours. We look forward to sharing more steps with you as we all move towards a future where pain doesn’t call the shots. Here’s to us all, striding into a brighter, pain-free future, together!