Our Story - A Journey From Pain to Triumph


Ciara and Judith Jacob from Magnetic Mobility

We are Ciara and Judith Jacob, the committed duo behind Magnetic Mobility. Our heartfelt journey together began back in 2020. Our story, likely similar to many of yours, is filled with personal challenges and triumphs.

We've been long-standing warriors in the healthcare field with a whopping 40 years combined experience between us. We've seen first-hand the daily struggles of chronic pain, and more so, we've lived them. Between back surgeries, osteoporosis, arthritis, and a whole host of other health challenges, we've felt like we've been through the wringer.

However, the silver lining showed itself in the darkest clouds of 2020. Amidst the trials of that year, we discovered the marvels of magnetic bracelets. Believe it or not, just two weeks of wearing one made a world of difference, easing migraine symptoms and knee pains that had started to take a toll on our hiking adventures.

We searched high and low for a magnetic bracelet that was not just effective but also stylish. Coming up empty-handed, we thought, "Why not make our own?" And so, after tireless research and numerous trials, we found the perfect blend of function and fashion.

Since then, we've celebrated numerous victories, and we're proud to say our journey is resonating with others too! Today, our products grace the shelves of over 40 pharmacies countrywide, a testament to their effectiveness and appeal.

Our hard work was recognised last November when we won the Three Enterprise Ireland grant for small businesses. With this grant, we enhanced our presence in pharmacies with new, appealing point-of-sale stands, making it easier for you to spot us!

Just last month, Judith was honoured with the "Highly Commended" award at the Kildare Network Ireland Awards. This accolade is a testament to our tireless work, passion, and commitment to helping others.

We're also proud to announce that we're now part of Guaranteed Ireland, a testament to the trust and quality that we offer to our customers.

You might have also spotted us at some of the major in-person trade shows. We regularly participate in events like the RDS Horse Show, the National Ploughing Championships, and the Ideal Home Show in the RDS in Dublin. These events give us a chance to connect with you directly, hear your stories, and share ours.

Our journey at Magnetic Mobility is far from over. We're here for the long haul, and we won't stop until we help as many people as we can live a vibrant life, free from the shackles of pain. So, if you're picking up your essentials at any of our partnered pharmacies, look out for our stylish magnetic bracelets. Or, simply visit us online from the comfort of your own home to explore our range. Either way, we're always here for you.

Thank you for being part of our journey and for letting us be a part of yours. Here's to brighter days ahead, together!

With all our love, Ciara and Judith Jacob

Ciara and Judith Jacob from Magnetic Mobility with our Stylish Magnetic Products

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