My journey with Migraine

My personal journey with migraine

I have had Migraine attacks since I was 12. Last summer when COVID was at its worst I was quite stressed as I work in Healthcare and the heat of the summer brought on 2 months of near constant migraine attacks.
They were more debilitating than usual as it was a constant barrage of the cycle - a few days of feeling drained, nausea, brain fog, then the migraine itself would attack with blurred vision and severe pain and horrendous brain fog - the type where I just couldn't get the words out. I knew the word I was looking for was there somewhere but I couldn't make my mouth form the word.
I'd spend most of the week crawling into work (no choice at that stage, although I did sleep for 3 days straight at one point), sitting in my office in between patients with the lights off and sunglasses on, and straight home to bed to pass out each evening, or just cry with the pain. Then I would have a few days of the Migraine hangover, before the cycle started again.
My Mum had bought a Magnetic 4in1 Bracelet for herself a few years previously and swore to me that she had only had 1 migraine in since she bought it. She got me one and made me try it... I was sceptical at first but after 2 weeks my nausea cleared up, I was no longer sitting in the dark and I was able to function again! And to my relief I was able to form conversations that didn't end up with me starting off into space wondering what I was trying to say!
I realised after 2 months of NO migraine that this was something I wanted to share with everyone so I started doing a lot of research into them and eventually set up a business selling them. Our local pharmacy now stock them and we have had a lot of success stories from clients.

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