What not to buy for the Mums with migraine

What not to buy for Mums with Migraine
What not to buy for the Mums with migraine is probably an even more important topic than what to buy. Many people with migraine are sensitive to fragrance or have food triggers.
Do not buy:
  • Perfume
  • Candles
  • Anything with fragrance
  • Food due to food triggers, especially Chocolate, cheese or alcohol
  • Concert Tickets
However, what you can buy her is a 4in1 Magnetic bracelet. Our 4in1 Magnetic bracelets can help to increase blood flow and oxygen levels which helps the body to reduce the risk of migraine. They can also help the body heal faster, help your body to release serotonin and promote better sleep patterns, and when you sleep better you are less likely to have a migraine.  
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