Kildare duo helping heal the nation!

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MOST people’s grandparents swore by their old copper or magnetic bracelets for helping them with aches and pains, but did you know there is a new player in town?

Ciara and Judith Jacob of Magnetic Mobility in Naas have been hard at work making magnetic bracelets stylish. As healthcare workers, they knew the benefits their older patients were having with such bracelets, but they wanted to make them something their own generation would wear.

In April 2021 they launched, selling  stylish  and upgraded magnetic bracelets for a  new generation (they sell the copper bracelets as well with the magnets). They know that women and men all over Ireland have aches and pains, younger people are getting arthritis and wear and tear injuries such as Runner’s knee and Golfer’s elbow, and wanted to bring a new  functional style  of wellness bracelets to the market........

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Kildare Nationalist MAgnetic Mobility article