Earth Day: A Celebration of Magnetic Mobility's Sustainable Journey

April 22nd is Earth Day. It’s a special day for showing our love for Earth and reminding ourselves to take care of the environment. Magnetic Mobility, a company from Ireland that cares about the planet, is excited to take part in this day. We put protecting the environment at the center of everything we do and can’t wait to tell you all about how we do this.

Our Promise to Be Green

Here at Magnetic Mobility, we want to make things that are good for both the people who use them and the Earth. We start by using special paper for our jewellery boxes that comes from forests that are looked after really well. The group that checks the forests is called the Forest Stewardship Council®, or FSC for short. When you see their symbol on our boxes, it means the paper comes from a forest that is taken care of, and trees aren’t cut down too much. This helps keep animals and plants safe and makes sure the people who work in the forests are treated nicely and safely.

Back of jewellery box showing the FSC and Eco Friendly logos

The Eco Label: Proof We Care About the Planet

We are proud that our products have an Eco label. This label means something is made without hurting the environment too much. So, when you buy from Magnetic Mobility, you're not just getting a pretty piece of jewellery. You're also choosing to support a company that really thinks being eco-friendly is important.

Choose Less Waste with Our 'No Box' Choice

With Earth Day coming up, we remember that we all need to take good care of Earth. Magnetic Mobility has a long history in Ireland and is leading the way in being eco-friendly. We are proud to be part of the Earth Day celebration and excited to share how much we've done to help the environment.

Stronger Promise to Earth

Magnetic Mobility isn’t only about making our customers happy. We also care a lot about the environment. We’ve promised to use materials that are good for the environment in our jewellery cases. The FSC logo on our packaging means that you’re getting something from a forest that's looked after properly. By doing this, we help protect wild animals and plants and make sure that the people working in the forests have fair jobs and stay safe.

The Eco Label: Knowing You're Helping the Earth

Our packaging has a special Eco label. This label is only for things that don't harm the Earth much. Choosing to buy from Magnetic Mobility means you’re picking jewellery from a company that believes in protecting the planet.

Images shows earth with a Satin bag used instead of a jewellery box

Less Packaging with Our 'No Box' Option

We know that too much packaging can be bad for the planet, especially if you’re buying something for yourself. That’s why we have a 'No Jewellery Box' option for many of our items. If you choose this, you don’t get a box, which helps cut down on waste and keeps the Earth cleaner.

We get that sometimes, packaging is unnecessary if it's for something you're going to use yourself. That’s why you can choose to not get a jewellery box with most of our products. This helps to not make a lot of waste and makes things better for the environment.