Copper Rings with Neodymium Magnet Therapy: A Natural Solution for Arthritis Pain Relief

Copper Rings with Neodymium Magnet Therapy: A Natural Solution for Arthritis Pain Relief

If you suffer from arthritis pain in your hands, you know how debilitating it can be. It can affect your daily activities, your work, and your quality of life. There are many treatments available, but many of them come with side effects or require medication. What if there was a natural and effective way to alleviate arthritis pain? Introducing copper rings with Neodymium Magnet Therapy (NMT).

Copper is a popular material for jewellery because of its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The oxidation process that turns your skin green when you wear copper jewellery causes enzymes to absorb into your skin and enter your bloodstream. Copper therapy has been used for centuries to relieve pain and inflammation in various parts of the body.

Neodymium Magnet Therapy offers a simple, effective, and natural form of

wellness enhancement that can be used with minimal risk of side effects. When in contact with your body, magnets increase the circulation or flow of your blood. This increase in blood flow then creates an increase in the delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to the tissues all around your body. When there is extra oxygen and vital nutrients your body's cells can repair and heal faster than normal.

Our Copper rings contain 99% pure copper and Neodymium Magnet therapy (NMT) to provide natural pain relief from arthritis in the hands. There have been many studies that show that copper deficiency causes inflammation. The combination of copper and magnet therapy can help to alleviate inflammation, reduce pain, and promote healing.

Each copper ring costs €25 and comes in a variety of sizes to fit men and women. We offer free shipping in Ireland, and each ring comes in a luxury eco-friendly gift box made from FSC paper. Our copper rings are perfect for people with arthritis in their hands, or anyone looking for a natural and effective way to promote wellness.

In conclusion, copper rings with Neodymium Magnet Therapy are a natural solution for arthritis pain relief that is safe, effective, and easy to use. Give them a try and experience the benefits of copper therapy for yourself.


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Do NOT use magnetic products if you have a pacemaker, electric implants or insulin pumps.
Pregnant women are advised against wearing magnets.