Celebrate August with the Enchanting Swarovski Peridot Birthstone Gift Set

A Swarovski Peridot Birthstone Gift Set beautifully arranged in luxury eco-friendly boxes.

August has descended upon us, bringing its radiant summer days and warm, enchanting nights. In this month of brilliance and exuberance, we introduce our Swarovski Peridot Birthstone Gift Set. A captivating blend of elegance and wellness, this set is the perfect tribute to the harmonious spirit of August.

Swarovski Peridot: A Gemstone of Harmony and Prosperity

Swarovski Peridot crystals are the focal point of this gift set. The Peridot, a gemstone for August birthdays, is known to symbolise harmony, prosperity, and rejuvenation. It’s said that the enchanting green hue of Peridot brings peace and good fortune to the wearer.

The Gift Set: Elegance meets Wellness

Our Swarovski Peridot Birthstone Gift Set includes a 4in1 Magnetic Bracelet and a Magnetic Necklace. Both pieces are adorned with resplendent Swarovski Peridot crystals. Along with their striking appearance, they are embedded with magnetic therapy elements that aim to provide comfort and enhance wellness.

Close-up of a 4in1 Magnetic Bracelet adorned with Swarovski Peridot crystals on a woman’s wrist.The Magnetic Bracelet

This 4in1 Magnetic Bracelet is not only an elegant accessory but also a companion in wellness. The magnetic elements can help with various conditions such as Arthritis, Back Pain, Migraine, Fibromyalgia, or Sports Injuries, and contribute to overall well-being.

The Magnetic Necklace

Swarovski Peridot Magnetic Necklace elegantly presented in a luxury eco-friendly gift box.Complete your look with the matching Magnetic Necklace. This necklace is the epitome of elegance, with Swarovski Peridot crystals that capture the essence of August.

Savings When Purchased Together

While the bracelet and necklace can be purchased separately, buying them together as a gift set lets you save €10! This saving makes it even more alluring as a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

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Alexander's Sky Bracelet from the Alexander's Collection displayed on its own.Alexander's Collection for Men

For the gentlemen celebrating their birthdays in August, we present the Alexander's Sky Bracelet from our Alexander's Collection. This magnetic bracelet embodies sophistication and wellness, making it an ideal gift.

Wrapping Up

August is a month of magic, warmth, and abundant joys. Our Swarovski Peridot Birthstone Gift Set and Alexander's Sky Bracelet are perfect gifts to honour and celebrate the spirit of this magnificent month. So why wait? Envelop yourself and your loved ones in the allure of Peridot and make this August unforgettable.

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