Discover Magnetic Elegance at John P. Keogh & Sons Irish Gifts in Galway

We’re thrilled to announce that Magnetic Mobility products are now available at John P. Keogh & Sons Irish Gifts, a charming shop nestled in the heart of Galway. This family-run store is renowned for its delightful selection of authentic Irish gifts, making it a perfect partner for our range of magnetic therapy bracelets and accessories.

John P. Keogh & Sons has been a beloved fixture in Galway for years, celebrated for its commitment to quality and genuine Irish hospitality. When you step into their store, you're instantly welcomed into a world of traditional Irish crafts and contemporary gifts, all thoughtfully curated to represent the best of Ireland.

We are excited to bring our 4in1 Magnetic bracelets to such a storied location. These bracelets are not just fashionable; they are designed with your wellbeing in mind, incorporating magnets that many users believe help to enhance circulation and reduce discomfort. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, John P. Keogh & Sons provides a unique opportunity to experience these benefits first-hand, alongside a collection of handpicked Irish treasures.

Why visit John P. Keogh & Sons?

  • Local Charm: Embrace the warm, welcoming atmosphere of a local Irish business.
  • Quality and Variety: From stunning Claddagh rings to handcrafted woolen knits, explore a vast array of quality Irish gifts.
  • Personal Experience: Feel the textures, try on our magnetic bracelets, and find your perfect fit with the help of knowledgeable staff.

Located in the bustling streets of Galway, John P. Keogh & Sons is more than just a shop; it’s a place where Irish tradition meets everyday charm. This partnership reflects our shared values of quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that every visitor leaves a little happier and healthier.

We invite all our customers in the Galway area to visit John P. Keogh & Sons and see our Magnetic Mobility collection in person. Discover the blend of style and wellness our products offer and perhaps find the perfect Irish gift to complement your visit.

For more details on our stockists, including John P. Keogh & Sons, please visit our stockists page. Explore John P. Keogh & Sons Irish Gifts online at and plan your visit today. Experience the magic of Ireland and the benefits of magnetic therapy in one go—see you in Galway!